This policy defines the type of opportunities that will be promoted to students and/or graduates of Bournemouth University. Not all eventualities can be covered and each case will be considered individually.


In order to advertise on MyCareerHub employers are required to register with Bournemouth University using online registration. Once registered and approved, you will be sent a login username and password by email. By registering you are accepting these terms and conditions.

Compliance with Legislation

Bournemouth University has a duty of care to ensure that opportunities promoted to graduates and students do not disadvantage,endanger or discriminate (under current legislation) against them in any way. This includes information, opportunities or working practices that contravene current equal opportunities and employment legislation relating to disability, sex, race, religion & belief, sexual orientation, and age. Staff also have a duty of care to the University and will not (through contact with organisations) compromise in any way the good name of the University.


It is the employer’s responsibility to undertake pre-employment checks prior to appointment. Bournemouth University provides an advertising service only and cannot be deemed to have made recommendations for candidates. Bournemouth University assumes that you as an employer: have full employers’ liability cover in place; will issue a contract of employment specifying the tasks to be undertaken, hours of work, salary - which must pay at least the National Minimum wage and holiday entitlement; and will provide a full induction including health and safety training.

National Insurance

A percentage of Bournemouth University students are from outside the UK and may not have a National Insurance(NI) number.You can employ an international student without an NI number, but you must supply the student with proof that you have offered them work or that they have started working for you, as they will require this proof to obtain a NI number from a local JobcentrePlus by calling 0345 600 0643

Please note a small minority of International students do not have the right to work in the UK. If a student is unsure, please refer them to or telephone 01202 969696

If as an employer you are unsure of the process you can contact the home office help line which can be found here.

Advertising Opportunities

You can submit placement or job opportunities free of charge, subject to the job description adhering to our guidelines (see Advertising Guidelines). All advertisements are only available to Bournemouth University students and graduates.

You can advertise:

  1. Full or part time jobs that meet at least the national minimum wage
  2. Placements or internships 
  3. Vacation/temporary work
  4. Volunteering Opportunities

We do NOT advertise:

  1. Commission only jobs - if you have a post with On Target Earnings (OTE), you must state the basic salary
  2. If connected with a Pyramid, multi level marketing or similar style selling scheme.
  3. Franchises.
  4. Self-employment opportunities
  5. Kickstarter roles. Students can't apply for them.Graduates can, but will be given the chance to apply via their local job centre, not via other platforms such as ours.

  6. Applications to a personal email account such as If the job has an application process via email, the email address needs to be a business one.
  7. Any opportunity that asks for an up front payment from candidates.
  8. Positions for students to share academic material or study notes.
  9. Advertisements that contain premium rate telephone numbers.
  10. Vacancies for individuals/Au Pairs based in private homes unless placed by a registered agency.
  11. Opportunities that contain duties which raise health and safety concerns for example lone working in potentially dangerous environments, drug/medical trials.
  12. Roles which are paid in kind for example vouchers rather than being salaried. 
  13. Positions connected to the adult/sex industry, or are associated with adult content
  14. Positions placed on behalf of tobacco companies
  15. Roles which are connected to the betting and/or gaming industry
  16. Multiple postings for a single vacancy.
  17. On behalf of agencies (or similar third parties) and any role which requires the student to pay a fee
  18. Positions which require applicants to disclose building society or personal banking details prior to being appointed, this should not be requested as part of a job application process. 
  19. Vacancies that Bournemouth University believes to be in breach of (or potentially in breach of) any aspect of UK employment legislation.
  20. Unpaid graduate vacancies
  21. Any opportunity which would be considered to pose a risk of generating negative publicity for Bournemouth University

Recruitment agencies

We welcome opportunities from recruitment agencies however we do require you to name your client to ensure the advert is for a specific role, and will advertise graduate and other vacancies free of charge. Adverts are accepted subject to our usual terms and conditions.

Information we collect as you browse our website

The MyCareerHub website automatically collects anonymous information which is used to improve the content of our web pages. We never sell, rent or share any of the information we collect by this method with any third party. This information is collected via server logs, which record IP addresses, demographic data, browsing patterns and is used to aid our strategic development, inform our marketing activity and audit usage of our website.


The MyCareerHub website may set cookies to customise web page content based on your browser type, IP address or other anonymous information.


We have appropriate security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information we have collected from you. These security measures include the necessary protection to prevent, as far as possible, access to our databases by parties other than MyCareerHub.

How we use the information you submit to us

If you submit job vacancy details online, or by any other means of contact, you will be asked to provide personal and/or business information. We will use this information to provide you with our vacancy advertising service and to contact you when necessary.

Your data may be shared with other departments within Bournemouth University. You may be contacted by these departments unless you tell us otherwise.

We will use any information you provide for internal monitoring to aid our strategic development and inform our marketing activity. By submitting vacancy information to MyCareerHub you agree that your business details (not personal information) will be added to an online database that can be searched by job seekers.

MyCareerHub will hold your email address on its systems for as long as you remain a registered user of the vacancies database. You may unsubscribe or change your email alerts preferences at any time at MyCareerHub.


This policy may be amended from time to time, please ensure you review it regularly. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Please note:
All vacancies must be approved by a member of the Placements and Careers team at Bournemouth University. The approval is based on a 48 hour turnaround though please note that some placements, especially technical ones, need to be approved by an academic placement tutor and this may take longer.