'Part-Time & Volunteering Jobs Fair' 
Exhibition of Opportunities, including Remote Working]

Online, 23/09/2020
A free event

Please register your interest via: recruit@bournemouth.ac.uk
Robert Coldwell & Sara Orford, BU Graduate & Student Employer Liaison Team

Fair Overview:

  1. We will be hosting this annual event online for the first time, in response to the need for social distancing.
  2. There will be no charge to recruiters to join this event.
  3. Charities can promote volunteering opportunities, all others will be promoting paid roles.
  4. The benefit to the employer is to promote their vacancies to literally thousands of students. The last on campus event attracted 1,165 students, which would be surpassed with an online event.
  5. It is aimed at current and newly arrived BU students looking to work around their studies, in short or long term roles.  Some students will be looking to build on extensive professional experience, or enhance the skills/knowledge developed whilst at university in a career related role, while others will be looking for their first work experience in a more casual job.
  6. Our students can work flexibly, are keen to prove their worth, and want to contribute to the success of your business.
  7. Given the economic climate we predict students from across all year groups will be keener than ever to apply for your roles, as will mature students.
  8. You can promote one opportunity or multiple roles (one exhibitor employed thirty students last year).
  9. Your organisational information and opportunities can stay 'live' for students for several weeks if you wish.

Live/upcoming part-time roles typically promoted include:
IT, Healthcare, Teaching, Marketing, Hospitality, Retail, Sports, Engineering, PR, Journalism, Administration, Event Management, Sales, Media Production, Research and more.

The opportunities on offer no longer have to be centred around the Bournemouth area, as more employers and students are familiar and comfortable with remote working.

How will this Fair be organised?:
Employers can showcase their organisation and opportunities to students on the day of the event, and for several weeks afterwards if they wish.

To make this a free event for employers we will keep the procedure very simple.
Perhaps think of it as an 'Exhibition of Opportunities':

  • The Booking Form will be on this site, or emailed to you if you are on our expressions of interest list.
  • On that form you will be able to tell us about the company and roles on offer; wage range, application procedure, timelines, with links if the role is ‘live’ etc.
  • The form will also capture who you want to employ; courses, levels of experience etc.
    ‘Roles open to all students’ is fine by us, but for specialist IT vacancies for example more information is needed. We can email specialist opportunities to relevant cohorts for you.
  • You can chose how students contact you during the day of the event; phone, email, joining a scheduled Zoom webinar, 1:1 Skype call etc. as you prefer.
  • You dictate how long these line of communications are open for, for example strictly 11:00 – 15:00 on the day of the Fair, or for two weeks afterwards 9-5. We can easily remove your details once you have reached enough candidates.
  • The Fair will be promoted to all students, so fantastic for brand awareness as well us fulfilling recruitment needs.

On the day of the Fair, and for several weeks afterwards if you wish, students will see something along these lines for each employer:

Organisation: IT Company ABC.
IT Helpdesk & Team Leader.
Vacancies: 5 & 1.
£9 to £15 per hour depending on experience.
Location: Ringwood, but remote working is an option.
Two days per week, flexible around your studies.
Open to:
Anyone proficient in these programmes:  x,y and z.
How to apply
: Application forms are available online until xx/10/2020 via: example.co.uk
How to contact us:
We have a Zoom Webinar at 14:00 on the day of the Fair: Click to Join
Hear more about us and the role, and ask questions in the chat function.
More about  us and the role:  We employer several BU students every year and would love for you to join us. 
We have been in operation for 15 years, and we like to employ students who are confident in  the IT systems listed above, and in their manner on the telephone or working independently.  Previous experience of working an an office environment preferred, and for  the Team Leader role you must have several years experience in an Helpdesk role.  More information can be seen from the link above.


organisation: Restaurant CBA.
Multiple hospitality roles, including in the kitchen and bar.
£9 per hour.
Central Bournemouth.
Evening and weekends.
Open to:
All students; year groups, courses, walks of life. If you’re hard working and have excellent customer relation skills we want you to work for us.
How to apply
: CVs to example@restaurant_CBA.
Deadline: 11/10/2020, but don’t hang around as we’ll employ the best we get before the deadline passes.
How to contact us:
We’ll have staff ready for your call between 11:00 and 15:00 today and tomorrow only, and we’ll happily have an informal chat about the role and company.


Please email us to register your interest or to ask any questions:
Robert Coldwell & Sara Orford
BU Graduate & Student Employer Liaison Team
recruit@bournemouth.ac.uk  |  01202 961 660  |  Twitter: @BUJobShop


Please also register on this site via the left hand menu to upload your vacancies throughout the year.