The university has remained very much open for teaching and research during this period, although when the UK Government announced a national lockdown to provide social distancing restrictions, the university’s Talbot, Lansdowne, Chapel Gate and Yeovil campuses were closed in support of the guidance.

We worked quickly to continue many services online, including teaching and student support, to carry on with our core business as much as is practicable. We have continued to support the wellbeing of our students, especially those who remain in the local area, some in university-managed accommodation. Additionally, we’ve been working to protect our students’ learning outcomes, including a ‘no detriment’ policy, which was put in place to ensure that students are not adversely affected in their academic study as a result of the global pandemic.

While our campuses have closed, and our services have moved online, we are aware that there may have been an impact for you, and the way that we have been working with you. Whether these are on-campus events, placements, or collaborative work in support of the community, many of us have had to adapt as we work through these unprecedented circumstances.

We are still committed to our partner organisations, many of which we have been working with for many years, and our thoughts and wishes are with you as you undoubtedly have to make tough decisions as you navigate these difficult times too.

We will continue to engage with you and to find ways to work together, and it is our hope that many of the activities we have conducted with our external partners can continue, though possibly in a different way, as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Thank you so much for working with us, and for the understanding you have given us during this period, and please do get in touch with us if you feel we can help and support you, or your organisation, in any way during these circumstances.