Our Placement Coordinators (PCs) work within four Faculties;
          Business, Science & Technology, Health & Social Sciences, and Media & Communication.

          If you would like more information on each of those Faculties, and the courses within them please click here

          The PCs can help you match your proposed placement to the relevant course, will promote your opportunities to the students once they are live, and can help all parties make the most of the opportunity.

          Placement Coordinator Contact Details:

          Bournemouth University Business School

          Jackie Darke, jdarke@bournemouth.ac.uk 01202 965019
          Undergraduate: Accounting/Finance/Economics; Event Management; Marketing
          Postgraduate:  Business & Management

          Karen Harper, kharper@bournemouth.ac.uk 01202 965466
          Undergraduate: Business and Management

          Sue Sykes, ssykes@bournemouth.ac.uk 01202 961824
          Undergraduate: Sport; Tourism; Hospitality
          Postgraduate: Sport; Event Management; Tourism & Hospitality


          Faculty of Media & Communication

          Andrew Guard, guarda@bournemouth.ac.uk, 01202 965423 
          Law Marketing Communications (core), Media Production, Multimedia Journalism.

          Sophie Hobbs, shobbs@bournemouth.ac.uk, 01202 961056
          Tuesday/Thursday – 1pm-6pm, Wednesday – 8am-1pm 
          Communication & Media, Marketing Communications with Advertising, Marketing Communications with PR.

          Debra Almagor, dalmagor@bournemouth.ac.uk 01202 965807
          English History, Politics, Politics and Economics.

          Wendy Bardsley, wbardsley@bournemouth.ac.uk
          BA TV, BA Scriptwriting for Film and Television, BA Film, BA Computer Visualisation and Animation, BA Computer Animation Arts, BSc Software Development for Animation Games and Effects.


          Faculty of Science & Technology

          Amanda Lazar, alazar@bournemouth.ac.uk 01202 965508

          Manne Garon, mgaron@bournemouth.ac.uk 01202 965508
          Design and Engineering.

          Donne Homer, dhomer@bournemouth.ac.uk 01202 965492

          Julie Gill, jgill@bournemouth.ac.uk 01202 961727
          Life and Environmental Science, Archaeology, Anthropology, Forensic Sciences.

          Georgie Blake, gblake@bournemouth.ac.uk 01202 965110
          Games Technology, Music and Audio Technology.


          Faculty of Health & Social Sciences

          Gail Combes, gcombes@bournemouth.ac.uk 01202 967433
          Health Sciences: Nutrition, Sports Therapy and Sport and Exercise Science
          Social Sciences: Sociology, Criminology and Social Anthropology.

          All Clinical Placements - HSSplacements@bournemouth.ac.uk
          Nursing, Midwifery, Public Health, Physiotherapy, Physicians Associate, Occupational Therapy, Paramedic Science, Operating Department Practice


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