Bournemouth University welcomes the fact that many employers seek to provide work experience/placements for BU undergraduate students.

Our placement providers normally pay salaries in line with the value of the work being carried out by the student, and sector expectations. This is generally in the region of 75% of what an organisation would pay for a graduate level employee, as long as this does not fall below minimum wage expectations and legal requirements.

Bournemouth University generally accepts unpaid placements where the placement provider is a Charity or Non-profit organisation. Bournemouth University recognises that charities and other non-profit organisations have limited funds to pay for placement support from BU undergraduates but that students can benefit from the positive experiences these charities and non-profit organisations can bring.

Bournemouth University does not endorse unpaid placements which do not meet the above criteria. Where an organisation wishes to continue to offer an unpaid placement which does not meet these criteria, advertisement of the placement will not be refused; however, it should be noted that such placements may not attract many applications.

All unpaid placements advertised on MyCareerHub will carry the following disclaimer in the body of the advert:

Unpaid Disclaimer

This placement is unpaid. Bournemouth University recognises the value of work placements and has advertised this placement in good faith. However, undertaking an unpaid placement can be financially demanding and the Placements & Careers service recommends that you discuss this with your Placement Coordinator before applying or accepting any offer.