On campus and online recruitment/advice activity

As well as using the free jobs board there are many other ways to connect to our students.
Various options are described below, but we are of course happy to discuss your ideas.

Bournemouth University Careers & Employability Service

November to May (avoiding vacation periods)

We are happy for employers to come on to campus individually or in small groups to promote live or upcoming roles.

Please contact us to arrange to have a stand at a time that suits your recruitment timetable.

To support your visit we will:

  • Provide a space, and tables and chairs, on the main concourse of our Talbot Campus or in our Bournemouth Gateway Building (where Healthcare students are based).
  • Help identify when your target cohorts will be on campus (Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually best). 
  • Promote the visit before and during via all relevant comms channels.
  • Arrange on campus parking, and greet you and help set up your table/stand up on the day.
  • Investigate whether you can join the end of a lecture for a short time (please noted that this is much more difficult to arrange and is impossible for some courses).

To maximise your visit we suggest:

  • Two/three weeks’ notice, with three preferred, to help with administration and promotions.
  • That you bring pull-up banners and/or leaflets. We cannot provide printing services or allow posters to be placed around campus.
  • You collect expressions of interest on the day, providing the details are used for recruitment purposes, not selling products or services.

Please take time to consider who will be attending; students are often keen to speak to staff who are relatively new to your organisation, not just those in senior positions, and are appreciative of seeing a diverse range of staff attending the university. Bournemouth University graduates working for your organisation are always welcome to return in this capacity, as it offers students a clear example of how they can progress from being our student to your employee.

B) YOUR WEBINARS - September to June

We are of course happy to promote your recruitment/advice webinars throughout the year.
Three week's notice is ideal. Promoted to your chosen courses and year group/s.
Session Examples:

  • Recruitment events (for placement students and/or final year students).
  • Virtual Assessment Centres.
  • Open Days/Virtual Tours/Learn about roles within the company/sector.
  • ‘Women in STEM Careers’ or other themed sessions.



Please register interest in future events via recruit@bournemouth.ac.uk

Part-time Jobs Fair - October 2023 tbc.

Annual Student & Graduate Jobs Fair - October 2023 tbc.

Nursing, Health & Social Care Careers Fair - November 2023 tbc.

Spring/Summer Student & Graduate Jobs Fair - March 2024 tbc


If you have any questions, or want to register your interest in any of the above events or programmes, please email.

Robert Coldwell, Graduate Employment Officer
Bournemouth University Careers & Employability Service