The Careers & Employability Service staff facilitate opportunities for employers to connect with our students.

All activity is taking place online until further notice.

You can get involved in the delivery of our core workshops or deliver a session of your own that we promote to your chosen cohort. 

This interaction provides an opportunity to recruit, impart knowledge, and share professional experiences.

Sessions can focus on an area of the recruitment process such as assessment centres or video interview techniques, a particular area of knowledge that would be of use to students when applying for jobs, provide an insight into a specific industry or role, or aid your candidate selection process.

Various types of sessions are described below, but we are of course happy to hear your ideas.


1) Careers Fairs
Our annual events can be seen in the left hand menu, and take place in the autumn and spring.
At the moment they are taking place online and are free to exhibit at.


2)  Core Careers Advice Sessions

Open to students from all courses and year groups, covering general employability topics: CVs, Interviews, Assessment Centres, Personal Branding etc.

Suitable for organisations who are looking to employ or give advice to students from a wide range of courses.

These are hosted by Careers Advisers, with external guest speakers presenting individually or as part of a panel.

For more information please contact our Senior Careers Adviser Rashida Ahmed:


3)  Recruitment/Advice Sessions

We can promote your webinars, or sessions can be co-hosted with a Careers Adviser or Placement Coordinator. Advertised as either an advice session or a headhunting exercise as you prefer.

Promoted to your chosen courses and year group/s.

After a group session you could host 1:1 mentoring, speed interviews, portfolio reviews etc. 

To discuss your ideas please email Robert Coldwell & Sara Orford:


4)  Extra-Curricular Employability Programme

The Global Talent Programme | GTP is an award winning programme is designed with employers to help our students discover and demonstrate their potential to work in a truly global way. We work with employers to identify skills gaps, deliver workshops, organise visits and work-based challenges.

Find out how to get involved here
Or contact 
Jenna Darlow & AlexMagklaropoulou: