'Nursing, Health & Social Sciences Careers Fair' - Online Edition.
25/11/2020.  FREE to exhibit.

*** Page to be updated in due course.  Huge "Thank you" to the 30+ exhibitors who participated ***


Core contact hours with students on the 25th will be 11:00 - 15:00, but as described below your information could be shared beyond that time frame and date.

If you have any questions after reading the information below please email recruit@bournemouth.ac.uk, and either Robert Coldwell or Sara Orford will be in touch.


  • You can confirm your participation via this Booking Form. 
  • The form will collect information that will be passed on to students, as well as contact details for office use only. There are step-by-step instructions within the form.
  • Please view the Terms & Conditions here.
  • Free to all exhibitors.
  • An overview of how the Fair will be organised in advance and on the day can be seen below.
  • Paid opportunities can be for full time roles to be taken up on completion of studies, placements (between second and final years) and part-time roles.


As with previous events it will be relevant for student from these courses:
Three branches of Nursing (Mental Health, Adult, Children & Young People), Occupational Therapy, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Social Work, Operating Department Practice, Nutrition, Health Psychology, Paramedic Science, Sociology, and Psychology.


Confirmed so far:
Alina Homecare Disability Support, Army, Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health NHS Trust, Bailey Care, Bournemouth Poole and Christchurch Hospitals now known as 'University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust',  British Red Cross, Colten Care, Direct Medics, Dorset County Hospital, Dorset HealthCare, Elysium Healthcare, Hampshire Hospitals, Health Education England Wessex, Helping Hands Home Care, HMR Medical and Nursing Services Limited, PBS4, Renal Services (UK) Ltd, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Royal Papworth Hospital, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, Second Nature, Solent NHS Trust, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, St Johns School & College, Sunrise Senior Living, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, University Hospital Dorset NHS Foundation Trust, Wimborne Nursing Agency Ltd.


How will the November Fair be organised?:
Employers can showcase their organisation and opportunities to students on the day of the event, and for several weeks afterwards if they wish.


  • On the Booking Form you will be able to tell us about the organisation and roles on offer; wage range, application procedure, timelines, with links if the role is ‘live’ etc.  The form will guide you through this.
  • You can choose how students contact you during the day of the event; email, phone, 1:1 Zoom/Skype call etc. as you prefer.  There is no platform for you to log onto on the day.
  • You dictate how long these line of communications are open for, for example strictly 11:00 – 15:00 on the day of the Fair, or for weeks afterwards from 9-5. We can easily remove your details once you have reached enough candidates.
  • If you would like the roles to be promoted before 25/11 please add them to this jobs portal, as described on the Homepage.
  • The Fair will be promoted to all students, but we will also work closely with academics to promote your participation with the cohorts you most want to recruit.


Based on the above procedure, on the day of the Fair (and for several weeks afterwards if you wish) students will see something along these lines for each employer:

Organisation: NHS Trust Example
Nursing (Mental Health, Adult, Children & Young People), Occupational Therapy, and Midwifery. 
Wage: £22,000 - £30,000 per year depending on the role and level of experience.
Location: Dorset.
How to apply: Application forms are available online until xx/10/2020 via: example.co.uk
How to contact us: Final year students from relevant courses please phone us today or tomorrow on 01202..., from 10:00 to 16:00, to find out how to be best placed to secure these fantastic opportunities.  You can also email us via: example@example with a question and we will call you back.
About Us:  
Join NHS Trust Example to deliver our vision to more than 500,000 people across Xyz. Not only do we offer an excellent service to our patients, we also work hard to support our staff and ensure they feel valued and supported. Every day, we value great team work, improving and adapting, communicating well and taking pride in what we do for patients. We also enjoy a great place to live on the south cost, from award winning beaches to beautiful views! 


Feedback on our 23/09 'Online Part-Time & Volunteering Jobs Fair' that was organised in the same manner:

1) 'The process to sign up for this event was simple and easy and was wonderfully supported.'
2) 'Successful interviews held on the day, with others pending. All student correspondence was very professional'.

3) 'I thought the organisation for the Job Fair was amazing, we were one of the later companies to join I think as we only enrolled last Thursday, however everything ran smoothly,

I think it is a credit to yourself and your support team it ran the way it did, from our side, to be able to enquire about possible candidates, attend a Job Fair and come away with applicants all within one week is incredible.

I fully appreciate it is best to attend a Jobs Fair in person, however this came a very close second for me, I don’t believe we missed out on any potential candidates and my belief is that we can give students more dedicated time this way than we could in a traditional fair, as sometimes if you have multiple people interested you can find you rush things to get through everyone.'


Employer comments from our previous Healthcare Fairs:

"We have employed students from Bournemouth previously and would encourage more to apply. Students  demonstrated commitment and good communication skills"  - Guys & St Thomas NHS Trust

"... All students presented themselves in an articulate, mature and professional manner. We have previously employed students from BU and have been pleased with their performance..." - Agincare

"...Good skills, keen to travel and open to a variety of opportunities..." - BUPA UK

"...Very polite, presentable, warm group of students who will make excellent nurses..." - Royal Free London

"...Very pleasant and enthusiastic students..." - Salisbury NHS Trust

"...Students are very motivated, interested and proactive..." - Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust