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The BU 'Nursing, Health & Social Sciences Jobs Fair' - Online Edition

A “Free & Flexible” Recruitment Event 

Wednesday 24th November 2021
but your information is promoted to students from when you confirm your place and for a month after the event, and your exact level of commitment is set by you.

Practicalities explained further down this page.  20 organisations already confirmed.


Now open to book onto: 
Click here for the online Booking Form
Please view the Terms & Conditions and information below before completing a form.
Bookings close November 18th.
Please check with your other departments before booking to coordinate/maximise your participation.


Ask questions or register interest if you are not in a position to book yet
Robert Coldwell & Sara Orford, Graduate & Student Employer Liaison Team
recruit@bournemouth.ac.uk | 01202 961 660 | 07714 775 186
Bournemouth University Careers & Employability Service


As with previous events it will be promoted to students from these courses:
Three branches of Nursing (Mental Health, Adult, Children & Young People), Occupational Therapy, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Social Work, Operating Department Practice, Nutrition, Health Psychology, Paramedic Science, Sociology, Psychology, Criminology, and Medical Science and more.

Relevant undergraduate and postgraduate course portfolio for context: 
Health & Social Science |  
Science & Technology


Types of jobs to promote:

  • Paid opportunities:
    >> Full-time roles to be taken up on completion of studies, or immediately if already graduated.
    >> Placements.
    >> Part-time roles (course related).
    >> Internships.
    >> Remote working.
  • Volunteering; strictly UK based non-profit organisations only.
  • If you are also looking to recruit students from other courses such as Law, Marketing, HR, IT etc, there is a separate 'Student & Graduate Jobs Fair' online 13th & 14th October. You can attend both. You do not need to complete a second booking form, simply complete the one that interests you most and email us to join the other.


How the Online 'Nursing, Health & Social Sciences Jobs Fair' works:

  • The event is being hosted on our Careers Platform, as all BU students (c17,000) have automatic access, as do graduates for up to three years after completing their course.
  • There is no platform for you to log onto before or during the event; your contact with students is via your own preferred methods, allowing us to keep the fair “free and flexible”.
  • The booking form collects all the information we need from you to confirm your participation and to transfer your details to the student facing pages.
  • The booking form includes a step-by-step guide and examples to assist you.
  • From when we confirm your booking the students can see your organisation's name, jobs titles being promoted, workplace location, and times of availability/webinars for the 24th or beyond.
  • From Monday 22nd November students will be able to click through to your individual information page that will contain all the application links, contact details, and other information and images you provided on the booking form.
  • Communication methods are your own, and can be a combination of phone, email, Zoom/MS Teams, webinars/drop-ins/1:1 appointments, and expression of interest forms.
    Simply use the Fair as an 'Exhibition of Opportunities' and offer an hour or two via a hotline or email address for questions, or lock communications to 1:1 Zoom Interviews the following week only if CVs/tasks/portfolios are of interest. As you prefer.
  • Students are keen to register interest with you via online forms, but please make GDPR/use of data clear, and the forms should be for the purpose of sharing employment opportunities only.
  • You dictate how long these line of communications are open for, for example strictly 11:00 – 15:00 on one day of the Fair, or for 22nd November for a month afterwards from 9-5. We can easily remove your details once you have reached enough candidates.
  • Procedures will be clear as you complete the booking form, but please do call or email Robert or Sara if you need to clarify any points, either now or later: 
    recruit@bournemouth.ac.uk |
    01202 961 660 | 07714 775 186


A scaled down version of what the students see

On the days of the Fair, and for a month afterwards if you wish, students will see something like this [but much more attractive!] for each employer....

Organisation: NHS Trust Example


Webinar: Wednesday 24th November  14:00 -15:00

Please book your place now via this link to meet a few members of our team, hear about the jobs and workplace culture, gain application advice, and ask any questions (live or in the chat function). 

Roles: Nursing (Mental Health, Adult, Children & Young People), Occupational Therapy, and Midwifery. 

Wage: £22,000 - £30,000 per year depending on the role and level of experience.

Location: Dorset.

How to apply: Application forms are available online until 12/12/2021 via: example.co.uk

How to contact us: 

Final year students from relevant courses please connect with us this week to get some great application and career tips:

1)  Please register now to join our webinar Wednesday 24th November at 1pm, via this link

2)  Phone us 22nd -26th November on 01202..., from 10:00 to 16:00, to find out how to be best placed to secure these fantastic opportunities.  

3)  You can also email us via: example@example with a question and we will call you back.

About Us:  

Join NHS Trust Example to deliver our vision to more than 500,000 people across Xyz. 

Not only do we offer an excellent service to our patients, we also work hard to support our staff and ensure they feel valued and supported. 

Every day, we value great team work, improving and adapting, communicating well and taking pride in what we do for patients. We also enjoy a great place to live on the south cost, from award winning beaches to beautiful views! 


You can also include:

  • Video links (not files); corporate or informal ones created on an phone/tablet specifically for this event.
  • Career blog links.
  • Quotes from an BU Alumni or other new or established staff.
  • Logos or images from your website.
  • Photographs of the working environment.
  • Sustainability or inclusivity impact statements/awards.


Robert Coldwell & Sara Orford
Graduate & Student Employer Liaison Team
recruit@bournemouth.ac.uk   |  01202 961 660  |  07714 775 186
Bournemouth University Careers & Employability Service


Feedback on our previous online Jobs Fairs, organised in the same manner:

1) 'The process to sign up for this event was simple and easy and was wonderfully supported.'

2) 'Successful interviews held on the day, with others pending. All student correspondence was very professional.’

3) 'I thought the organisation for the Job Fair was amazing, we were one of the later companies to join I think as we only enrolled last Thursday, however everything ran smoothly.’

4) ‘I think it is a credit to yourself and your support team it ran the way it did, from our side, to be able to enquire about possible candidates, attend a Job Fair and come away with applicants all within one week is incredible.’

5) ‘I fully appreciate it is best to attend a Jobs Fair in person, however this came a very close second for me. I don’t believe we missed out on any potential candidates and my belief is that we can give students more dedicated time this way than we could in a traditional fair, as sometimes if you have multiple people interested you can find you rush things to get through everyone.'