BU Student & Graduate Jobs Fair - Online Edition 
28th April 2021.  11:00 - 15:00 suggested commitment
Free to participate.  
All sectors welcome. Any location. All job types**

**** NOW CLOSED.   74 exhibitors & 856 Students participated ****

This page will be updated in due course

Questions? Please contact Robert and Sara, BU Graduate & Student Employer Liaison Team
recruit@bournemouth.ac.uk |  07714 775 186 (Robert Coldwell)
Please view the Homepage for: match-funded internships for SMEs and a guide to using this free Jobs Portal and our other recruitment services.


Brief guide to maximising your participation:
We have kept the event 'free and flexible'.  You can dictate your availability and communication methods.
Think of the event as an online 'Exhibition of Opportunities' - with the option for students to connect with you using your preferred methods; email, phone, an hour long Zoom/MS Teams drop-in, webinar, or 1:1s organised from emails/CVs received during the day. If you would like to host a webinar there are a few options, described below.


Overview of the event:

  • No charge to employers, or professional bodies participating to offer careers advice.
  • ** Job types:  Graduate roles, sandwich placements, short placements/internships, summer jobs, non-profit UK based volunteering, remote working, and career/course related part-time roles (i.e. not bar work, but feel free to add those to this Jobs Portal).  Paid roles please, and not self-employed.
  • All sectors welcome, and not just roles for your 'core service'  (i.e. NHS might recruit to IT or HR as well as Nursing).  Perhaps discuss your involvement with other departments.
  • Sectors usually represented: Design & Engineering, IT, Business & Finance, Marketing, Creative (Film, Animation, Digital etc.) Teaching, Law,  Management, Events, Tourism, Sciences, a full range of Nursing, Healthcare and Social Sciences, and more.
    BU course lists for reference: Undergraduate | Postgraduate
  • Opportunities could be live in April or open for applications during the summer. Use the fair to raise awareness and/or collect expressions of interest.
  • This event will form part of 'Career Ready Week' and will be heavily publicised with all years groups and courses, via e-newsletters, social media, academics etc.
  • Majority of students available to work full time from June, but many can work part-time year round.
    Graduates might be available immediately.
  • Your vacancy details will be live for at least one month after the event (but you can also add roles to this Jobs portal any time of year).
  • Feel free to request CVs, links to LinkedIn, or creative portfolios/websites etc.
  • Your information will be visible via the university careers platform. All students, recent graduates and staff have automatic access to the site 24/7, 365.

  • There will not be a platform for you sign into on the day.  Comms channels are your own; please see the 'procedure' section see below and the bullet point immediately above this one.


Procedure/How you use the Fair:

  • On the Booking Form you'll tell us about your organisation and roles on offer
    You can include images and multiple links (to application forms, careers pages, videos, social media etc.), and describe the application procedure, duties, timelines, wage range ideal candidate etc.
    The form will guide you through this step-by-step.
  • You can choose how students contact you during the event
    Email, phone, 1:1 Zoom/Skype call etc. as you prefer. There is no platform for you to log onto on the day.
    Feel free to request CVs or LinkedIn details, and arrange call backs with those of interest to you.
  • You dictate how long these line of communications are open for
    For example strictly 10:00 – 15:00 on the day of the Fair, or for weeks afterwards from 9-5.
  • If you would like opportunities to be promoted before 28/04
    Please add them to this jobs portal, as described on the Homepage in the main menu.
  • Webinars

    There are several options:

    1) Host a webinar on the day, accepting there will be clashes with other exhibitors. Perhaps best for those with specialist jobs such as Nutrition or Forensic Science, or those of you confident that students will join your session instead of others.

    2) Host a webinar the day or week after the Fair, but use 28/04 to promote it and capture sign-ups.

    3) Host a webinar in late May or June (avoiding early-mid May because of exams and dissertation hand-ins).  This might be ideal if your application deadlines are in June or July. Promote the webinar during the Jobs Fair, but we would also add these as individual events on our careers platform and include them in our e-newsletter and social media nearer the time.

    4) Provide us with a link to a recorded message for students instead…. 

  • Video Messages
    During the Fair w
    e can include as many links on your information page as you want, so feel free to link to a video. This could be something 'corporate' already on your company website, or you could record an informal ‘talking head’ style message encouraging students/graduates to apply whilst offering advice.
    We cannot accept files, only links. 


What the students, graduates and BU staff see:

  • From the date you submit a booking form students will see your organisation name and basic job/sector details in an A-Z list, for example:

    An Engineering Company Example Ltd
    Roles: - Engineering - Graduate and Placements - x9
    Graduate roles to start now or June 2021: Software Engineering x3.
    Placements for June 2021: Solutions Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Integration, Software Engineer, Module Testing, Mechanical Engineering.
    Webinar: Date/time....

  • From Monday 26th April students will see something along these lines for each employer:
    (Images can be added of course, and it will look attractive on the platform) 

    Organisation: NHS Trust Example
    Roles: Nursing (Mental Health, Adult, Children & Young People), Occupational Therapy, and Midwifery.
    Wage: £22,000 - £30,000 per year depending on the role and level of experience.
    Location: Dorset.
    How to apply: Application forms are available online until 20/05/2021 via: example.co.uk
    How to contact us on the April 28th: Final year students from relevant courses please phone us on the 28th or 29th on 01202..., from 10:00 to 16:00, to find out how to be best placed to secure these fantastic opportunities.
    You can also email us via: example@example with a question and we will call you back.
    Don't be shy, we are here to help and answer any questions you might have.
    Webinar: We have arranged a webinar for Monday 24th May at 1pm.  Please read more and register your interest from here now, and we'll also email you the day before as a reminder.  We'll be covering xyz and there will be time to answer your individual questions.
    About Us:
    Join NHS Trust Example to deliver our vision to more than 500,000 people across Xyz. Not only do we offer an excellent service to our patients, we also work hard to support our staff and ensure they feel valued and supported. Every day, we value great team work, improving and adapting, communicating well and taking pride in what we do for patients. We also enjoy a great place to live on the south cost, from award winning beaches to beautiful views!
    Video Message:  Please click on this link to hear from....

Feedback from previous events:

In March 2019 we welcomed 40 organisations and 951 students on to campus.  Our October 2020 online Annual Careers Fair attracted 918 student and 47 exhibitors.

'Successful interviews held on the day, with others pending. All student correspondence was very professional'.

'I thought the organisation for the Job Fair was amazing, we were one of the later companies to join I think as we only enrolled late, however everything ran smoothly.’

‘I think it is a credit to yourself and your support team that it ran the way it did, from our side, to be able to enquire about possible candidates, attend a Job Fair and come away with applicants all within one week is incredible’. 

‘I fully appreciate it is best to attend a Jobs Fair in person, however this came a very close second for me, I don’t believe we missed out on any potential candidates and my belief is that we can give students more dedicated time this way than we could in a traditional fair, as sometimes if you have multiple people interested you can find you rush things to get through everyone.'


Don't forget, all live jobs can be promoted through this website. We average over 200,000 job views per year, and all c17,000 students (and graduates for three years) have access to the platform.
The Homepage explains this in more detail.


Any Questions?  Please contact us any time

Robert Coldwell & Sara Orford
BU Graduate & Student Employer Liaison Team
07714 775 186