Competition among employers for graduates is intense, making it vital for you to sell your opportunities to potential applicants. Your job advert must be written so that you can attract the best candidates. Remember that MyCareerHub is tailored specifically for Bournemouth University students and graduates.

When entering details for your advertisement the following guidance is suggested:

We ask that you abide by the principles of the Best Practive in Graduate Recruitment document

Position Title:  This is the first sentence students will see when searching for a vacancy.  Make it brief but to the point.  Try to distinguish between a placement opportunity and graduate vacancy, for example: “Placement in the marketing team at XYZ Co”, “Graduate opportunity as a web designer in ABC Co”.

Employment Type: It is important that the correct category is selected as students will be searching using this criteria.

Summary: Can be up to 300 characters to expand on the position title.  Try to include any location and company name if not used in the title.

Details:  Give a list of the job responsibilities, company summary, what attributes you are seeking in an applicant, salary, benefits and progression.  Remember that candidates will be comparing your offer against others. It is best to represent this text as bullet point lists.

Application Procedures:  Make it easy to understand how to apply by keeping instructions simple.  Bear in mind that some candidates may not have applied for a job before.  Explain exactly what an application should include (for example, a cover letter or brief reason for wanting the job)

Attachments: You can attach any flyers or other documents to the job application.

Categories:  Select the categories (Academic disciplines) that you want to attract.  These are used in student preferences for targeting.

After saving your job advertisement, it is forwarded to Bournemouth University Central Careers and Employability Service for approval.  At this point you may be contacted for clarification. 

Bournemouth University Careers & Employbility Service takes all reasonable steps to ensure that vacancies are advertised in accordance with anti-discrimination legislation relating to sex, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation and age. Employers submitting job vacancies are required to take responsibility to advertise details in accordance with employment legislation that may be relevant to each vacancy (e.g. National Minimum Wage legislation).

By advertising placement opportunities on MyCareerHub the employer accepts Bournemouth University’s Expectations of Employers taking on a Placement Student (including Health and Safety) for placement students.

By advertising any other type of vacancy on MyCareerHub, the employer accepts Bournemouth University's Terms and Conditions (including Health and Safety) for students and graduates.

Bournemouth University has the right to reject or change any vacancies it deems inappropriate.