Santander / Bournemouth University Internship Scheme 2017 - 2018

This year's scheme launch on the 12th October 2017, with the aim that all students will have either completed their internship or be in place by 30th September 2018.

Thank you so much to all those employers who attended the launch event, and to those who are within the process for this year.


The scheme will provide funded 10 week internships within SME companies; the awards will be based on the following criteria:

  • Applications are invited from BU students and alumni.

  • Each intern will be funded for the duration of 10 weeks at a minimum of £3,000 per individual.

  • £1,500 will be paid for by Santander and £1,500 will be funded by Bournemouth University (BU) via the Placement & Project Grants.

  • The successful intern will received 2 x £1,500 grants directly from BU starting five weeks in arrears of the commencement of the internship.

  • Please upload your job to MyCareerHub at and please state SANTANDER at the beginning of the Job Title.
  • Please state in the Application Procedure section: CV’s to be marked FAO Robert Coldwell and sent to
  • BU will collate any CV’s and forward to the employer to complete their normal recruitment process.

  • Once a student is successful please inform Robert Coldwell at including the students details in order to issue T&C documentation and the payment process.

  • Each employer can offer a maximum of 2 internships per scheme.
  • Each student can only complete one internship per scheme.
  • On completion of the internship an evaluation form will need to be completed by both the intern and the SME.

Please contact: or 01202 961663 if you require any further information.

BU reserves the right the change the Terms and Conditions.