Santander / Bournemouth University Internship Scheme 2016 - 2017

Due to the success of the scheme, the intake for this year is now fully allocated and we are no longer seeking employers to be part of the Internship Scheme .

Thank you so much to all those employers who have taken part and to those who are within the process for this year.

Allocation will resume once again from October 2017 - September 2018, so please contact us nearer to this time. 

This years details are below, however please note this may change in October 2017.


Small and medium-sized employers now have an opportunity to take on an intern from Bournemouth University at no cost.

We are able to support fully-funded internships, with successful organisations able to recruit a BU student . As part of the Santander Intern Programme, the interns will be funded jointly by Santander Universities and BU – so it’s a great opportunity to benefit from some very talented interns for free.

The criteria for the programme are simple:

  • Applications will be invited from all BU students.
  • Each intern will be funded for 10 weeks at a minimum of £3,000 per individual
  • The funding will consist of 2 × £1,500 grants directly from BU to the intern starting five weeks in arrears of the commencement of the internship

We will help advertise your opportunity to all students, with recruitment and selection remaining under your control.