Student Project Bank - Project Proposal Form - External

External Organisation - Project Proposal Form

The information provided will ensure that we are able to review your proposed project brief with academics and key stakeholders to assess the suitability for the Student Project Bank. The brief, if accepted, will be discussed and finalised with the academic and student before the project commences.
Please provide the contact details for the person allocated as Project Client
If you tick any of these boxes it may be that your project is not suitable for the Student Project Bank. Please continue to complete the rest of the form as we may be able to recommend alternative opportunities for collaboration within the university or email to discuss.
Please note that these projects may be aligned to academic studies and therefore can only be considered at certain times in the academic year. If this project is going to be carried out by a student as an extra curricular activity we need to highlight that time frames may need to be flexible and would need to be discussed with the SPB officer to manage expectations.
We avoid committing to business critical projects. The aim of student projects is to provide mutually beneficial collaborative opportunities for business, academics and students. To enable this the scope of the projects will need to be broad and the final outputs relatively flexible.
Projects of this nature could be considered as a paid placement for a student and we would refer you to our employer page
If yes please provide further information, For example name of academic and dates of collaboration.
This information will help us to establish the type and level of student knowledge needed for the project and the amount of academic support required.
The Student Project Bank aims to considers projects that benefit society. Can you briefly outline how your project contributes to sustainable development? e.g. Society/community or environmental benefits
Sustainability sits at the core of BU, including our education and research, to ensure that students contribute to environmental, economic and social sustainable development. Take a look at the UN SDGs here:
For example: a report, list of recommendations, marketing materials, presentation. Please note this can be discussed in more detail with the SPB Officer or academic.
Thank you for completing this form. The Student Project Bank officer will contact you within five working days.