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If you are looking to recruit brilliant, hard-working, creative and professional students and/or graduates you have come to the correct place.

Below is a guide to:

  • FREE use of this Jobs Portal
  • FREE to join Jobs Fairs Autumn 2021 - BOOK NOW
  • FREE Hosting of Webinars to recruit/advise our students
  • + Links to course lists for context. 

Please do get in touch to tell us your aims and objectives and we’ll work out how we can help you meet them: recruit@bournemouth.ac.uk


1) Using this Jobs Portal:

You can use this site to recruit final year students and recent graduates for local, national or international opportunities, or students for Placements (short or for a 'Sandwich year'), part-time roles, and remote working opportunities.

  • Please register your organisation, from the top of the left hand menu.
    If you notice that your organisation have previously registered and you would like to be added as a contact, please email recruit@bournemouth.ac.uk where we will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements for you.
  • There is no charge to register or advertise your roles on this site, which gains more than 200,000 views on average per year from students and recent graduates.
  • Registration Information: The contact information you provide is for the use within this system and student/graduate recruitment only, you will not be entered into other university data systems or mailing lists.
  • Placement Coordinators (PCs) work within each faculty and can assist with your Placement queries: 
    Click here for PC contact details
    Further guidance on Placements can be seen from this page
  • Please note that Kickstarter roles cannot be advertised on this portal, as students can't apply for them.
    Graduates can, but will be given the chance to apply via their local job centre, not via other platforms such as ours.

    Recruitment Tips:
    1) Please include a wage range, as being transparent builds trust with this target audience.
    2) Students often wait for the deadline date to apply, so better to have it set early and extend than wonder why no one is applying early.
    Please add 'Remote Working Opportunity' at the start of the Job Title when relevant.
    4) Please also read our Terms and Conditions
    before posting your vacancy.


2)  FREE Recruitment Fairs - Autumn 2021 events are now open for bookings

Information on individual Jobs Fairs can be seen from the menu on the left of the screen.

  • Annual 'Student & Graduate Jobs Fair' - Online
    13th & 14th October 2021
    UPDATE:  1,061 students and 100 employers participated
  • 'Nursing, Health & Social Sciences Jobs Fair' - Online
    24th November 2021
    UPDATE: 50+ organisations confirmed as of 19/11.
  • Spring 'Student & Graduate Jobs Fair'
    March or April 2022
    Date, and decision whether online or back on-campus, confirmed in the new year

3) Webinars, Workshops and our Extra-Curricular Employability Programme
A variety of sessions are organised to help you
recruit, impart knowledge, and share professional experiences.
Discover more from here


4) Course portfolio for context:

Course Information: Postgraduate  |  Undergraduate Continuing Professional Development and Training

By Faculty: BU Business School | Science & Technology | Health & Social Science | Media & Communication

Robert Coldwell & Sara Orford
Graduate & Student Employer Liaison Team
Telephone: +44 1202 961 660
Email: recruit@bournemouth.ac.uk
LinkedIn:  https://bit.ly/CareersBU_LinkedIn