Be a Student Research Assistant

As a Student Research Assistant you will be able to work with BU academics on their research projects, developing your research skills and enhancing your CV. Apply today! 

This is a great opportunity to work under the guidance of an experienced academic in a research position that's directly related to your career path and/or academic discipline. You'll assist academic staff with their research, gain research experience to apply to your own work, as well as work towards writing a publication with your academic supervisor.

Vacancies are open to all undergraduate and postgraduate taught students from all faculties, who have grades of over 70%.

I would highly recommend the programme to any undergraduate who would like to try something new, or who is interested in a project that is relevant to their degree as not only is the experience vital, but it may influence their future career choices" - Eddie McCarthy, BSc (Hons) Environmental Science student

Typical duties include:

  • Performing experiments and analysing the results
  • Disseminating new knowledge orally or in written outputs
  • Literature searches
  • Presenting results at conferences
  • Providing general research support to academics.

Please email the Student Research Assistant inbox if you have any questions.